Metal Mafia Nationwide

So here is a great group for metalheads we just stumbled into, Metal Mafia Nationwide!! It’s basically a network of metalheads supporting underground metal across the nation! They feature a band of the week on their facebook to help bring exposure to the little guys! Go check em out and “like” them!! Tell em Incidious sent ya!

The Metal Mafia is an underground network set up to bring more attention to up & coming bands . It is mostly directed toward the unsigned bands “ the new guys “ ( however in some cases I realize being “ signed “ isn’t what it used to be either. ) So if you are on some small indie label you can still get in on the deal .

The basic idea is to set up a network of “ connection’s “ throughout the entire United States and featuring a different band each month with occasional interview’s & more T.B.A soon . So basically featuring almost 50 bands every month , That equal’s out to 600 bands a year . And what is great is after your band’s reign as “ featured artist of the month you are then added to a special group known as “ The Elite . So you don’t just vanish . This network is set up for those who prefer the heavier side of music . The headbanger is a different breed ..And this is the place for all Metal-Head’s to share all that is Metal in area. And what better way than this . After all I already said we a a different breed ..That also makes us a family so why not ” The Family ” And I hope this idea spreads like wild fire …I would eventually like to see The Worldwide Heavy Metal Mafia !!!

Now ‘ GET CONNECTED ” join up today !!!


One response

  1. Thanks for doing shit like this. The metal world needs all the unity that it can find. I am the bass player in Rictus Grin, we harold from Fond du Lac, WI. Hope to see you at an upcoming show really soon.


    May 21, 2011 at 1:30 am

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