Chimaira done and over??

So i just heard a rumor that my favorite metal band, Chimaira, are officially done! WTF!! I am so unhappy about this news!

If you don’t follow metal music then this probably is news for you. But if you do follow the music, then it may come as no surprise. For the uninformed, Chimaira has had a lot of changes in their camp lately. Bassist Jim LaMarca left the band in November of last year. Then Chris Spicuzza, keyboardist for the group, up and quit. Next was drummer Andols Herrick who quit yesterday. Now today, a sad day for metalheads everywhere, the band is done!! Maybe this is some kind of publicity stunt, maybe not, but for this metalhead Chimaira will be greatly missed!

CORRECTION: The rumor is just that, a rumor. Apparently they aren’t done, just down 3 members. New album is already recorded and set for release in August. However, if the band does go on, it will be with 3 new members, so is it really the same band?? Let me know your thoughts on this.



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